Welcome To The Kidogo

Scaling Masterplan

Welcome to Our
Master Plan

We're so excited you're here! On this site you will find our recommendation deck, a four-pager summary of our recommendations, and links to our playbooks containing additional research and specific action plans.

Approach & Structure.

In addition to mitigating current expenses, our plan introduces new revenue streams. Our recommendations are accompanied by playbooks with case-studies and specific action plans.

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Recommendation Summary

To keep things concise should you need to review our recommendations, we put together this summary. Instead of a one-pager, we created a four-pager! It highlights the most important aspects of each recommendation.


Approach & Scaling Strats

Part of our approach was to introduce new revenue streams for Kidogo while still helping to make progress towards improving ECD standards in Africa.

Revenue Stream

Management Platform

By licensing a management platform, Kidogo would receive additional revenue. It would also help raise ECD quality standards in scaling.


Community & Partnerships

To scale, Kidogo will need to partner with local established organizations. These organizations like Me to We will act as industry facilitators to help Kidogo as they expand.


ECD Certification Program

Not only are private ECDs more likely to become Kidogo franchises, but even if they choose not to, they affiliate with Kidogo's quality standards through Stargo.

Recommendation Deck

I design and develop services for customers
of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern
websites, web services and online stores.

Learning Fast.
Going Deep.

To go deeper into our recommendations and provide as much insight as possible, we created individual action plans with related case studies and an explanation of why we chose to do what we did. See the resources tab for a collection of the playbooks.

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Our Action Plans

Using Notion, we created playbooks for each major component of our recommendation. Each playbook consists of an Overview explaining the "What" and "Why" of each topic, followed by Case Studies of real world examples to back up our suggestions, and finally, a step-by-step Action Plan to achieve success.

Contact Us

We hope our recommendation is something you can see Kidogo implementing. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us at any time!

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